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Ignite Your Vitality & Thrive Holistically

About Nutrition Services at Human Wellness Collective: 

Our integrative approach to health carries over into how we approach nutrition. We believe that your body's systems and processes are interconnected, interdependent, and directly impacted by your genetic predispositions, lifestyle, dietary patterns, and environmental exposures. Our clinical nutritionist utilizes the most current, evidence-based research in nutrigenomics and epigenetics to support your health journey through the evaluation of your unique biochemistry. All of this is closely considered in the design of your nutrition programming tailored to your personal health.





Clinical Nutritionist

About Megan:

Our clinical nutritionist, Megan Neuhart, graduated with her Masters of Science in Nutrition and Human Performance from Logan University and is a board-certified clinical nutritionist. She has also been an adjunct professor of Nutritional Sciences for Grace College since 2014, credited with fully designing and teaching Grace's new undergraduate nutrition program. She specializes in the practice of evidence-based nutrition to support health restoration through the application of phytotherapy, herbology, and other forms of integrative nutrition. She is knowledgeable and experienced in supporting the restoration of gastrointestinal health, vagus nerve balance, cardiovascular health, immune function, hormone homeostasis, detoxification, neurology, and mental health. She has helped many people from all walks of life improve their health through the manipulation of diet, herbs, dietary supplementation, and lifestyle patterns. Megan strongly believes in the medicinal power of proper nutrition to promote healing and greater vitality. 


Your initial assessment will evaluate your health history, biometrics, health conditions, nutritional deficiencies, food intolerances, lifestyle, and health goals. You will then receive a 3-month nutrition program tailored to your goals and needs. Follow-up sessions will evaluate progress, provide nutrition education, address barriers to change, and make adjustments to move toward your goals.

3-Month Nutrition Counseling Program: $350

  • 1-Hour Initial Intake

  • Written Individualized Nutrition Program 

  • 3 Monthly 1-Hour Follow-Up Sessions

1-Hour Nutrition Counseling Session only: $80


Monthly Nutrition Workshops: $25 per family. 

  • Scheduled Topics:

    • ADHD/ADD

    • Autism Spectrum

    • Trauma Recovery

    • Stress Management


"She really took her time with me and got to know every aspect of my health. She is extremely kind, compassionate, and knowledgeable. She taught me on a level I could understand and was a great listener. I cannot recommend her enough!"

- Allyson G.

"Megan is very knowledgeable. She goes above and beyond. She never stopped researching on my behalf to help me get to the bottom of my health issues. I am thankful for her direction and I learned so much from her."

- Mikaela T. 

"I came to her with a lot of health issues and she didn't shy away from walking through all of it with me. I felt heard and understood. Today, I am in a much different, healthier place and I believe it's because of Megan's advocacy and guidance."

- James L. 

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